Paso Robles & San Luis Obispo

Charcoal Illustration - Wyatt Earp

wyatt earpwyatt earp

Charcoal Pencil - Death Seat

death seatdeath seat

Charcoal Illustration - Figure Study I

figure study

Charcoal Illustration - Figure Study II

figure study

Charcoal Pencil - Escher Hands Study

escher handsescher

Acrylic - The Lizard

the lizard

Pencil Illustration - The Spoon

the spoonthe spoon

Pencil Illustration - Hands of Gold

hands of goldhands of gold

Pencil Illustration - Walter Payton

walter paytonwalton payton

Pencil Illustration - Baller


Colored Pencil - Mule Deer

mule deermule deer

Acrylic/Collage - Freedom

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